More practice before getting Swedish driving license (körkort) would be useful

21 Nov 2012

Have you ever been driving on ice? I don’t mean slippery road, but real ice. I did it just once when I received my driving license, which in Swedish is called körkort. Roads in Sweden and usually treated well especially in winter. But once I was in the countryside outside Stockholm and it was raining all night. I needed to get back to the city in the early morning so I woke up at 6 and was ready to go. I went outside and realized that everywhere around is ice. The temperature went down to 7 degrees below zero and trees and roads reminded ice kingdom. The problem was that car that sands roads hadn’t reached the village where I was staying at. I couldn’t wait for them because I needed to get back to Stockholm and then go to airport. We arranged flight to France with my friends. You probably imagine how stressed I was.

I had no choice and decided to drive. When I was getting my körkort in Swedish driving school we had to pass Risk 2 test. It was exactly driving on bad weather conditions. When I had got my körkort I was quite confident that I can drive even in inclement weather conditions. So I started driving. It was extremely crazy and I stopped after 2 minutes, because road went down and I probably couldn’t stop the car. I was desperate at that moment. Most probably due to my belief in miracles, the miracle came and sand machine appeared beyond the hill. It was my survivor.

Driver Risk Assessments

12 Jan 2011

If driver training is thought of as being expensive, perhaps a different perspective will be realised when looking at the cost associated with not complying with Health and Safety law and then having an employee becoming involved in a serious Road Traffic Collision. Those who are more interested in protecting their assets, as well as their workforce, will have in place a policy of training and driver risk assessments.

During the working day over three quarters of drivers on the road are there for company business. Most of those will be driving company owned vehicles, but over three quarters of them all will have not received any form of post test driver training, or had their ability evaluated.

Courses for the development of driver skills, in the corporate world, is all too often made available to employees very much on the basis of reluctance. Largely, it is not regarded as having any value in terms of tangible income, and yet, costing only a fraction of that required to buy training for the use of an office software package, for example, driver skills development is regarded with less importance.

The vehicle used by a company employee, when driving for work purposes, becomes his or her place of work. Therefore, if that vehicle becomes involved in a road traffic collision, and the company employee is injured or killed as a result, this is usually classed as an accident in the work place.

Health and Safety legislation has for many years stipulated that employees must be afforded appropriate training when operating machinery and it has been recognised how this should extend to the use of a motor vehicle on a road. Skills should be evaluated regularly too, so as to ensure that safety standards are maintained. However, the responsibility, and culpability, was always that of the company office, and therefore no individual was held to account in law.

The bringing to law in April 2008 of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, things changed. Under the Act individuals then had to take responsibility for the shortcomings within the company environment and may be personally punished if an incident has occurred through their negligence. This punishment could now be delivered as a term of imprisonment.

driver risk assessment

Improving yourself with invoicing software

13 Aug 2010

Sitting all the time in office? Always out of free time? I think this problem is topical for a lot of people nowadays. After 5 years working in office I can conclude that it influences health and mood. I am close to curvature of the spine. And that is not only health problem I have. My back is getting tired very fast and my sight has gone down. I don’t have time to go to gym also, because of a lot thing I need to manage. Sounds pessimistic, but it is a reality for lots of office people.

I can advise some solution. No, you don’t have to go outside the office and have some 10 minutes sport brake! Of course, unless you want it. My solution gave me extra free time, because it successfully undertook part of my work. I will not bore you much and tell that my assistant in everyday office work became invoicing software.

I wasn’t even thinking that invoicing software will give me so many advantages. I bought it in order to improve the look of my invoices and invoicing at all. I wasn’t expecting that my everyday tasks could be done so fast. For example I quit sending invoices and different statements to my customers by postal mail. Invoicing software let me send invoice to customer by email right after I created it.

Invoicing software is managing not only my invoicing process, but also all customers and products. I have easy accessible database, where I can find customer and see all actions and all invoices, which are related to the specific customer.

By the way this invoicing program is online, so I am not tied to my office. I can work from home, which is very convenient, because sometimes my mother can’t look after my son. When it is good weather outside I take computer and go to the nearest park to enjoy fresh air and work at the same time. I don’t want to push someone to buy invoicing software too. I just want you to imagine, how this could make your life more pleasant. Working process doesn’t seem so boring anymore.

But remember that invoicing software doesn’t make you sporty, but it gives you more free time, which you can spend on doing sports, having fun and so on.

Car Doctor

5 Jan 2010

Car Doctor helps to solve your car troubles. Every driver knows that car troubles happen to everybody not depending on car model, age or technical details. The Car Doctor is the motorists best friend! We all have car troubles, the car doctor can help! You will also find there lots of interesting and useful information.

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Theory test question #7

31 Dec 2009

Question: Your vehicle is parked on the road at night. When must you use sidelights?

Answers (just one answer is possible):

A. Where there are continuous white lines in the middle of the road.

B. Where the speed limit exceeds 30 mph.

C. Where you are facing oncoming traffic.

D. Where you are near a bus stop.

Theory test questions

Correct answer: B