More practice before getting Swedish driving license (körkort) would be useful

Have you ever been driving on ice? I don’t mean slippery road, but real ice. I did it just once when I received my driving license, which in Swedish is called körkort. Roads in Sweden and usually treated well especially in winter. But once I was in the countryside outside Stockholm and it was raining all night. I needed to get back to the city in the early morning so I woke up at 6 and was ready to go. I went outside and realized that everywhere around is ice. The temperature went down to 7 degrees below zero and trees and roads reminded ice kingdom. The problem was that car that sands roads hadn’t reached the village where I was staying at. I couldn’t wait for them because I needed to get back to Stockholm and then go to airport. We arranged flight to France with my friends. You probably imagine how stressed I was.

I had no choice and decided to drive. When I was getting my körkort in Swedish driving school we had to pass Risk 2 test. It was exactly driving on bad weather conditions. When I had got my körkort I was quite confident that I can drive even in inclement weather conditions. So I started driving. It was extremely crazy and I stopped after 2 minutes, because road went down and I probably couldn’t stop the car. I was desperate at that moment. Most probably due to my belief in miracles, the miracle came and sand machine appeared beyond the hill. It was my survivor.

21 Nov 2012